Tenant - Emergency Repairs

Crowley Electrical Services :  0411 510 469

All Purpose Plumbing : 0419 444 490

SES (State Emergency Service): 132 500

In case of fire, medical or police emergency: 000

For power outages, please check https://www.ausgrid.com.au/Outages/Current-Outages and/or check your fuse box as most times all you will need to do is flip the safety switch back on if you have used an appliance, for example, that may have tripped the switch off.

What is an Emergency Repair? 

If you are outside business hours and have tried contacting your property manager, the list below will help you clarify what is meant by an emergency repair:

  • blocked or broken toilet 
  • a gas leak
  • a burst water service or a serious water leak causing damage or unsafe conditions
  • an electrical fault that is dangerous
  • serious flood damage
  • extreme roof leak
  • storm damage
  • fire
  • no supply of electricity, gas or water after checking there are no outages or damage due to burst pipe etc in your street/area
  • hot water tank leak or faulty
  • any damage or fault causing the property to be unsafe or not secured
  • any damage or fault in a common area of a property that inhibits a tenant gaining access to their property

While emergency repairs may need immediate attention, non-emergency repairs require approval from Paramount Real Estate Pty Ltd. The cost of any unapproved non-emergency repairs will be borne by the tenant. Hence, we encourage our tenants to contact us at the earliest for any repairs needed and to follow the approval process.  By following this procedure, you can avoid any conflict that may arise from unapproved repairs.