DURING THE IMPACT OF COVID-19 our staff at Paramount are dealing with a high volume of matters. We ask for your patience at this time and have compiled a list of questions and answers below that might help in the meantime.

Risk Management Questions:

Have you returned from overseas in the last 14 days? Are you self-isolating?

Have you been in contact with anyone who has returned from overseas in the last 14 days that are unwell?

Do you have any flu-like symptoms?

If any of the above applies to you, please stay home and cancel any appointments you may have until you are well again.

My Employment has Ceased/Reduced My Hours and I Can't Pay All/Part of My Rent:

If you have lost employment or your employer has reduced your working hours and you can't meet your rent obligations, you should immediately let us know.  

We will first be requesting evidence to support your loss of income or job such as an Employment Separation Certificate, Payslips. You will need to find out if your place of employment has applied for jobkeeper as this may mean your employment may change.  You should also have a discussion with your employer as to whether your employment will likely be reinstated once the health crisis subsides. You will also be asked if you have applied/or will apply for jobseeker if you have lost your employment. 

It’s important you don’t ignore the problem, as not paying rent is a breach of the tenancy agreement.

Once we receive all the evidence we will approach the landlord with your request. Please be aware that there is no provision within the Residential Tenancies Act to compel landlords to act with leniency in this situation. Please be aware that some landlords can afford to accommodate requests for paying a reduced or deferred rent for a short period but others may not be in a financial position to offer this to you. 

You will need to tell us if you have Income Protection Insurance or if you are receiving any other allowance that will likely assist you in paying your rent eg rental assistance.  

Property Inspections for Sales and Rentals:

Clause 7(3)(a) allows for a person (usually the agent) to show a single person a property for the purpose of inspecting after the person has made an appointment for that purpose. A husband and wife (or any other couple) are not a single person, so the agent would have to show the property to the couple separately.

Properties for rent and for sale will be advertised as usual however we will only open the property by appointment only.  If you have made an appointment to view the property and become unwell, you must contact our office immediately and cancel the appointment.  

When you view the property, please do not touch any fixtures and fittings.  You will be asked not to open cupboards or touch any walls or surfaces.


Auctioneers and agents are allowed to conduct auctions from either the property being auctioned or the agent’s office due to those locations being considered places of work. Only the agent and the auctioneer may be present at the auction and social distancing regulations must be observed.

Those people wishing to be present at the auction (vendors, bidders, other observers) must attend remotely, via online invitation or by telephone.

Routine Inspections:

These will not be carried out until further notice.  Should you have any maintenance issues, please email [email protected] with photos so we can advise the owner.  If the matter is urgent please contact our office on 9579 4044.

Repairs and Maintenance:

If the matter is not deemed as urgent we will discuss the repair issue with the Landlord.  If a repair is urgent, for example hot water or smoke alarm, the repair must proceed as it is deemed as urgent according to the Residential Tenancy Agreement.  If you have concerns about contact with the tradesperson, please discuss your concerns with your property management team.

Outgoing/Ingoing Inspections:

These inspections are necessary and should you wish to attend you will be asked the Risk Management Questions.